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24 August 2016


Development of production technology on track structure almost completed

The SkyWay filming crew returned from JSC "StroyTechProgress", where the production process of the track structure for SkyWay urban, passenger and high-speed tracks have been worked out by the joint efforts of SkyWay employees and that plant.

The enterprise specializes in the production of building metal structures and tooling for the production of reinforced concrete products. It is equipped with the most modern equipment: vertical milling and lathe machines with CNC, horizontal milling boring process center, plasma cutting equipment, a number of multipurpose milling and lathe machines, a band saw machine, equipment for bending metal sheets and various profiles, a paint-drying chamber and other modern equipment. Such instrumentation of production process coupled with employing highly qualified personnel was the basis for choosing JSC "StroyTechProgress" as the contractor for the production of the innovative track structure for SkyWay string-rail technology.

So, we are authorized to inform all our partners: production of the SkyWay track structure is going on successfully, and at the time of shooting, our company carried out design supervision prior to the start of mass production. The Chief Technologist of the contractor Andrey Kouhta and the SkyWay engineering technologist Dmitry Gormash will tell you about the collaborative work, as well as an anticipated timeline for production and installation.

Translation of the video:

Workshop of JSC "StroyTechProgress" plant
Minsk 2016

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good day! You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today is a long-awaited moment. Finally, we have reached such a stage of producing the track structure that we can show you something now.

Andrey Kouhta, Chief Technologist of StroyTechProgress: We received an order to produce overpass trusses for SkyWay. We have studied its technology and constructive proposals. Now we are checking the quality of our welding and accuracy features stated in the design documentation. If necessary, we shall add corrections to the technology of welding and assembling.

Dmitry Gormash, Engineering Technologist of SkyWay: We have been developing this issue for some period and prepared the design of the structure and its elements. Now we understand how long it will take to produce it, what should be corrected. It is a normal working process. We are starting commercial production at the moment. Everything is prepared for this.

A.K.: Your specialists are educated very well. I think we shall make it all perfectly. They have worked out the preparatory stage nicely.

D.G.: Some trusses will be delivered to the construction site for installation within a month. The whole process will take about two months, because it is done for the first time. We are perfecting and improving the technology.

M.K.: Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project. Stay with the leaders, cooperate with us and you will always be in a good company. Build SkyWay - save the planet!

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