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25 August 2016


SkyWay flag on Elbrus peak

In August this year, a group of enthusiasts led by the SkyWay regional representative in Chelyabinsk Guzel Magasumova have raised the SkyWay flag on the Mount Elbrus peak.

In August, a group of enthusiasts led by the SkyWay regional representative in Chelyabinsk Guzel Magasumova have raised the SkyWay flag on the Mount Elbrus peak

The Head of the information service Mikhail Kirichenko, who interviewed Guzel, gave an annotation to the news release on this event:

"As you know, the academician Tupolev once said: "Only beautiful airplanes fly perfectly!" Have you noticed how elegant and beautiful engineering solutions of Yunitskiy's Sky Ways are? That is why they should operate perfectly. That is why for this reason they are a source of inspiration for a huge number of people on the planet!

According to Dostoevsky, it is the beauty that should save the world! So how can we forget about the beautiful half of humanity? Recently, a resident of Chelyabinsk Guzel Magasumova, whose name means "beauty", inspired by the SkyWay ideas has raised the SkyWay flag at the highest point of Europe.

We offer to your attention a video interview with Guzel, illustrated by her filming with great sights of Elbrus from her personal archive, as well as a wonderful parable.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good day! You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we have an unusual report. Besides various technical innovations, we also have achievements that are performed every day by the supporters of our project, because the things that we do, inspire people to great accomplishments. Today we shall speak with a fay and beautiful girl from the city of Chelyabinsk. We all know that men there are very rigid, but girls there are lovely. Even her name is nice - Guzel. Moreover, this was the reason for replacing a written interview with a video. Let me introduce to you Guzel Magasumova, an employee of the SkyWay Company in Chelyabinsk. Good afternoon, Guzel!

Guzel Magasumova: Hallo, Mikhail!

M.K.: I have already introduced you in brief. I said you have performed something interesting. Please tell us in detail what you have done being inspired by the project, for which you work loyally for quite a long time.

G.M.: From its beginning. In the end of July this year, my friends offered me to ascend the Mount Elbrus.

M.K.: Just to ascend there?

G.M.: Yes, they asked me if I would like to go to the Mount Elbrus. After I heard that, my first thought (and, to my mind, the first thought is always true and correct) was that it would be nice and symbolic to climb there with the SkyWay flag, to install the SkyWay flag on one of the seven mountain peaks. In fact, I have done it on August 12.

M.K.: Congratulations! I am very pleased we have such an employees. Though you have come to the project as an investor, too. Perhaps, something moved you to what you are doing now.

G.M.: Yes, I am an investor of the project. I have my own team, my own setup. We are developing the project. Many people ask me "What do you need the project for?" I don't want to seem a fanatic, but, frankly speaking, I go to bed and wake up inspired by this idea. SkyWay makes me better every day.

M.K.: We do not doubt it and wish you further achievements on the way to your objective. What is this objective in your work, in your life?

G.M.: The objective of my life? I will tell you an analogue since we are talking about Elbrus. Actually, there is nothing on the top except rocks and beautiful view. The main thing is the climbing to the top itself. One top is always followed by the next one. It is important how much we enjoy this way, some simplest things, how we overcome ourselves. Of course, it is nice and symbolic to conquer Elbrus, but there are much more significant victories. It is what we are doing every day. We live in comfortable conditions and gain victories over ourselves every day. Everyone climbs to his personal peak. However, we have a common peak. It is the implementation of the SkyWay project. I want to tell a parable. The forest is on fire, all animals are running away. But a little hummingbird flies to a creek, scoops some water, flies back to the fire and tries to put it out. Naturally, it is not a success. At this moment, a surprised hedgehog cries "Hummingbird, what are you doing? Are you nuts? You will never manage to make it!" And it says "I know. But I am doing everything that is in my power." If each of us will do small steps everyday overcoming himself, and will do what is in his power, like the small hummingbird, we shall succeed with the grandiose project.

M.K.: Thank you very much. I wish we had more of such investors like you. You're absolutely right. To reach something, to expand you own limits, it is necessary to get out of the area of comfort, as you have done it. By the way, we have other similar examples of such people inspired by SkyWay, who are doing the things surprising other people's minds. Those, who attract attention to our project and support it. But let's get back to you and your climbing. Please tell us what is the height of Elbrus? And what height did you reach? The very peak? Where did you start your climb? Any technical details?

G.M.: Elbrus is the highest point of Europe - 5,642 meters above the sea level. We started the climb from the height of about 4,000 meters. We had to get up by 1,642 meters. The climb started at midnight, the weather was good. At 6-7 a.m. I was on the top.

M.K.: What is the temperature on the top? Caucasus may seem like Sochi, about +30°C.

G.M.: We have a saying: it is better to live in the northern Caucasus than in the southern Urals. When I arrived in Mineralnye Vody, it was as hot there as in Chelyabinsk, +30°C. Of course, the higher you climb, the cooler it becomes. At the mountain bottom it was about +20°C, at the top -20°C.

M.K.: So, the temperature drop was 40°C.

G.M.: Something like that.

M.K.: How did you withstand that?

G.M.: Normally. In fact, I am not a sportswoman. I am not fond of mountains, marches, etc. However, SkyWay inspires me so much that everything happened very easily. The descent was difficult. As for the climbing to the top, it is important not to look upwards, not to see how much more to go and make every step. One-two, one two. And you are on the top. The same as in life.

M.K.: That is, you should not concentrate on problems and difficulties, but simply overcome hardships when they appear.

G.M.: The whole way from the bottom to the top may be split into small steps. If you pass all these steps, you will reach the top. As you said, you should not concentrate on the difficulties, long way and hardship. You just have to go forward step by step. In any case, there will come the moment when you are on the top.

M.K.: What would you wish to our viewers, who are already investors or who are still thinking to become investors.

G.M.: Before wishing anything I would like to thank all those, who supported me. When I entered Skype and started to read chats, I was greatly surprised and pleased with the wishes from our partners for me to reach the peak. Very warm words, I am very grateful to everybody. As I said, everyone has its mountain peak. I wish that everybody reached it remembering that there will be another peak after it. Therefore let us do what we can do, going forward by simple steps and we shall meet on the top.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Guzel. Wish you success in you work needed for all of us. I offer all our viewers to sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project. And your life together with us will be full of inspiration and great achievements. Guzel, Build SkyWay - save the planet!

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