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14 September 2016


Novosibirsk considers SkyWay implementation

Novosibirsk hosted a forum "Novosibirsk - a city of endless possibilities", where the presentation of the SkyWay technology took place. The forum also discussed the possibility to implement a pilot project of SkyWay string route, which will presumably pass between the Novosibirsk National University (NNU) and AcademPark. The local website AcademCity wrote about it today.

Novosibirsk considers SkyWay implementation

The discussion continued at a meeting of the Club of promising initiatives, where experts could discuss the prospects of implementing any innovative project in a free manner.

"This technology arouses great interest currently, - reads the text. - Yunitskiy's team was invited for participation in the famous Berlin trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in September this year. In addition, they are building a demonstration center In Belarus, where several tracks will operate (from 1 to 15 km), on which the technology will be presented in "hardware". Currently preparations for the construction of the first SkyWay line in Australia are under way. And now the idea of a pilot route in Novosibirsk Academic Town was announced. The cost of the project is about 400-450 million rubles, the payback will be achieved with the passenger traffic from 3,000 people a day".

Diversified objective criticism testifies in favor of serious intensions of Novosibirsk experts, officials and businesspersons. For example, in their opinion, the project has some controversial aspects. Most forum members are concerned about the economic factor - according to experts, it will be difficult to provide enough passengers on this route, and nobody knows how this equipment will behave under the Siberian frost.

Nevertheless, the answers to at least one of these questions can be found in the document "Transport Complex SkyWay in Questions and Answers".

You can read the full article "Sky Way" in Russian and in English.

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