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15 September 2016


Progress of work to create track structure

The information service of the SkyWay Group of Companies has prepared an interview with the chief designer of the Administration on infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment of the SkyWay Technologies Co. Yury Kashchuk.

Yury told about what his department is engaged with now along with the preparation for the most important event of this autumn - InnoTrans 2016. So, you will learn about the ongoing work, what processes precede the assembly of the track structure, as well as what track is planned for mounting in the first place.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we offer to your attention an interview with a man that you know already. Some time ago he explained to us why Finnish metal was chosen for SkyWay rails and track structure. So, our guest today is Yury Kashchuk, chief designer of the Administration on infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment of SkyWay Technologies Co. Good afternoon, Yury.

Yury Kashchuk: Good afternoon.

M.K.: Everybody knows that at present the main thing for SkyWay team is the fair trade InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. However, we need to report to our viewers about our activities in other directions on the creation of technologies, EcoTechnoPark construction, preparation to tests and certification that also continue. You can do it best of all for sure. Therefore, please, tell us about the state of this work.

Y.K.: In a nutshell, we have produced quite a volume of metal structures by now. It is the track structure and its elements that will subsequently make up the track structure, as well as rigging. Now we have sufficiently large volume of these finished products. We are carrying out their acceptance. For example, tomorrow on the territory of the company StroyTechMontazh we shall do acceptance of anchor supports required for assembling the so-called sagging track structure. This is the second lightweight line, which creates a closed route in EcoTechnoPark consisting of a sagging track structure and a semi-rigid rail. The company StroyTechProgress is producing these semi-rigid rails. We expect they will produce them soon and they will be ready for mounting. Next week we are planning acceptance of sagging rail elements in Austria. From the company Wessler. On the test site in Mariyna Gorka they start preparation for assembling, that is storage and distribution of track structure elements. Later they will make up tracks of solid rail, truss rail or string rail for our unibus and unibikes.

M.K.: Let me specify. Did I understand correctly that besides the production of the track structure for the first line, i.e. the urban one and acceleration section of the high-speed one, as you said, everything is ready or the production started for the track structure of the second, lightweight line?

Y.K.: Actually, we are now producing everything for all lines, including the cargo line.

M.K.: It is a sensation, I would say.

Y.K.: The thing is that they are all at different production stages. Metal structures for the truss string track, the acceleration section as you call it, are already manufactured in the volume that allows to assemble the first span. However, to start assembling we have to produce them in sufficient quantity so as not to stop assembling process and to keep it on uninterrupted until the end. As for the semi-rigid rail, it is for the first line of the lightweight urban route. It needs considerably less labor than those for the truss string one. Their manufacture is much easier and faster. Most likely, the assembling will start right on this line.

M.K.: That is a real news!

Y.K.: The sagging structure is also easy to produce, but here we depend on the import supplier. Delivery and customs procedures may take some time. Therefore, assembly of this line will begin in the second turn. Anyway, the elements for all the lines are already in the process of production. For example, anchor supports for the cargo track and intermediate supports for the sagging track. Though I cannot say now the deadline of their completion, it depends on the producer. Tooling needed to assemble the semi-rigid rail elements is also in manufacture. Some of the elements are ready for acceptance. Our representatives visit regularly the producing plants, check the quality and viability of these products and, if necessary, advise some corrections. In fact, it is a continuous process.

M.K.: It is clear that the closer the opening of EcoTechnoPark is and the more technologies are applied, the less things we can show. Nevertheless, can we show anything to our viewers shortly besides oral reports? Would you do an announcement?

Y.K.: We can show the acceptance of finished products, as anchor supports at the company StroyTechMontazh. Anyway, the finished products will be announced and displayed in EcoTechnoPark. There are some things in the process of assembling that we wouldn't like to show. However, we will show the things that we can show.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Yury, for the comprehensive information. We shall wait for the possibility to show the acceptance you spoke about, some other elements of construction, assembling and welding. And now I offer our viewers to sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project. And there will be sensations in your life.
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