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30 September 2016


InnoTrans 2016: interview

1. American financial expert about SkyWay technology

We offer to your attention an interview with Chris Principe, an American financial expert and the owner of the magazines "Financial IT" and "FinFuture". Chris visited the SkyWay display stand at the International transport trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. In his interview Chris told what interested him in SkyWay technology, what prospects can open up on its practical implementation and also noted a high design quality of the rolling stock samples.

Chris Principe shared the desire to publish an article on string transport and its creator Anatoly Yunitskiy in the first edition of one of his own magazines FinFuture. This will allow to introduce to the readers in detail "not only the revolutionary magazine, but also the revolutionary technology." The first 3,000 copies of the magazine will be distributed free at the largest banking conference in Geneva sponsored by the international banking system Swift.

According to Mr. Principe, SkyWay technology can become a kind of "Internet" in the transport sector combining not only the advanced engineering developments, but also important instruments of impact on the social sphere: improvement of financial aspects for people by reducing the cost of freight and passenger traffic.

2. Crowdinvesting as an effective method of promoting innovations

Head of the SkyWay information service Mikhail Kirichenko interviewed the management of the German railway company Locomore, which also participated in the transport exhibition InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. The company Locomore, like SkyWay, uses the method of crowdinvesting to fund their own projects that is a very common and legal practice in many countries. This way to attract investment is a great tool in the fight against the economic recession, as well as a real opportunity to increase their own financial assets.

In addition, this method of attracting investment allows many innovative companies around the world to implement their developments ignoring certain market lobby and monopolistic formations in various sectors of economy.

In our report, you can see how crawdinvesting develops in Germany and how the company Locomore practices its investment activities.

3. SkyWay in Ireland

We present to your attention an interview with the CEO of "Enterprise Ireland" John McGee, who visited the SkyWay display stand at the transport trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin.

"Enterprise Ireland" is a national Agency of Ireland on export development, entrepreneurship and innovations, which seeks high-potential companies around the world inviting them to join the Irish innovative eco-system. The venture Fund "Enterprise Ireland" provides investment support for international start-ups around the world. Currently, Mr. McGee cooperates with the company SkyPark Ireland, which was established 6 months ago to promote SkyWay technology in Ireland.

Details of promoting string transport technology in Ireland and possible prospects of its practical application are in our report.

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