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11 November 2016


Application of energy conservation law in innovative transport SkyWay

In terms of energy consumption, an overpass with a sagging track structure is by times more efficient than a road with a straight track structure.

Использование закона сохранения энергии в инновационном транспорте SkyWay


It is explained by the fact that on a downhill section of the track, the Unibus does not need an engine - it is accelerated by gravity ("gravity" engine). On an uphill section, it does not need brakes - it is slowed down by gravity ("gravity" brake).

Energy recuperation takes place without using a recuperator, as in this case there are applied laws of physics, not any mechanisms. Efficiency factor of this recuperation is 100%.

The drive in such a type of transport system is only required for aerodynamic compensation, and to overcome steel wheels rolling resistance on a steel rail (in total, about 10 kW for a 50-seated vehicle).

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