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11 February 2017


Article "String... builds cities and clusters" in the special issue of newspaper "Transport of Russia"

The Federal newspaper "Transport of Russia" has released a special project about innovative technologies from SkyWay Company. Informational and analytical newspaper "Transport of Russia" is the official press organ of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation. The pages of its supplement "Transport complex: innovations" describe in detail the activities of SkyWay and its place in the transport sector. The analysis focuses on the advanced developments of the Company with the account for strategic objectives of the industry in Russia and in the world. In addition to urban, cargo and intercity string transport attention is paid to the place of the string transport at seaports.

The purpose of the special project is the confirmation of the reputation of the newspaper as an engine of relevant information and a description of advanced achievements in the industry. The publisher is confident that the special issue can initiate the creation of a professional business club for the exchange of advanced technological and managerial experience. The special edition is distributed by dispatching together with the newspaper "Transport of Russia" and is also presented at all official exhibitions and conferences, where the newspaper takes part.

Previously we published the first page of the publication, today we post the special issue in full (in Russian).

Article String builds cities and clusters in the special issue of newspaper Transport of Russia

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