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18 February 2017


SkyWay Manifesto

The journal "Transport strategy - XXI century" has published an article about Yunitskiy's string transport, the contents of which is fully consistent with the title of the periodical. The material is a kind of Manifesto from SkyWay and, at the same time, the quintessence of the research work the scientific school of Yunitskiy has been doing for over forty years. Hundreds of people has made their contribution to shaping the future vision of transport - engineers, inventors, scientists and managers. The text reflects the priorities, benefits and key means for the implementation of string transport in the global infrastructure. Anatoly Yunitskiy personally exercised scientific guidance while preparing the publication.

"Transport strategy - XXI century" is informational and analytical journal covering the main problems and challenges in the transport and logistics sector, as well as leading the search for possible strategies of its long-term development. The current (thirty-fifth - in Russian) issue of the edition will be distributed among key staff and managers of relevant departments and businesspersons operating in the field of construction and infrastructure development, as well as at specialized international transport exhibitions, in which Russia takes part.

You can review the article in Russian (English version coming early next week).

Anatoly Yunitskiy - The article being the result of forty years of research and setting milestones to transport development for the next hundred years

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