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21 February 2017


Beltransnet-ST Ltd. was registered in Mogilev

The first partner of SkyWay Technologies Co. in Belarusian regional cities has been successfully registered in Mogilev. On February 15 an entry on the state registration of the limited liability company Beltransnet-ST was made in the Unified State register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Beltransnet-ST Ltd. is an informational partner for SkyWay Technologies Co. and a customer of SkyWay technology projects. The company's objective is to implement the "second level" transport in Belarus and to provide everyone the opportunity not only to use the transport, but also to benefit from its operation.

One of the main areas of Beltransnet-ST activities is lobbying of the draft law on new modes of transport. A stable legal basis for innovative modes of transport will give the technology a chance to develop in Belarus and can become a model for other countries worldwide. While theorists are wondering who will be the first to launch SkyWay: Australia, India or Turkey, Belarus is preparing in full swing to EcoFest 2017, where residents of 80 countries can arrive visa-free.

People joining SkyWay today, are changing the future for all mankind together with our Company. Thanks to SkyWay, a number of the most painful problems of modern times are solved and people of the world get a new freedom to travel affordably, comfortably, rapidly and safely to any point in the world united by a network of SkyWay routes - Transnet.

Beltransnet-ST Ltd. was registered in Mogilev

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