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24 February 2017


Will SkyWay transport save agglomeration Greater Yekaterinburg?

Active discussions on overcoming the traffic collapse in the Urals continue. The keynote is innovative solutions and SkyWay transport. No other mode of transport can offer today an express trip from Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk within 20 minutes. And no one will be able to do it in the foreseeable future.

It is expected that the new transport network will be extended around the entire Ural Federal District by 2035. It will connect Yekaterinburg with Perm, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk. This forecast was announced by the authorities in the capital of the Urals discussing the concept of creating an Agglomeration Greater Yekaterinburg, reports (in Russian) "Echo of Moscow". By 2050 the population of Yekaterinburg will reach two and a half million people and that of the Agglomeration - about three million.

The informational portal of Yekaterinburg adds (in Russian) that the forecast will pass several rounds of public discussions. The Head of the Department of economy at the Yekaterinburg Administration Alexey Pryadein stressed that the City Administration needs the feedback from the city residents to understand how they imagine the future of the Ural capital. The most progressive ideas will be taken into account in the forecast and, further, in the Strategic development plan for Yekaterinburg.

You can read the details about the potential of SkyWay technologies for the region in the journal of multidisciplinary scientific publications "Eco-Potential" No. 3 for 2014. It published an article by PhD of geographical sciences, associate Professor, Head of the sector on distribution and development of productive forces under the Institute of Economics at the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. Litovskiy "On fundamental priorities of forming the Urals infrastructure on the basis of innovative technological solutions and developments by Anatoly Yunitskiy" (in Russian).

On fundamental priorities of forming the Urals infrastructure on the basis of innovative technological solutions and developments by Anatoly Yunitskiy

We urge all the residents indifferent to the destiny of the Urals not to sit at home, but attend public discussions. Often innovative solutions capable to save entire regions remain out of work because of the passivity and sometimes misoneism of the people themselves. Recently we have analyzed misconceptions about SkyWay from a Yekaterinburg resident.

Moreover, each resident of the Russian Federation can help to promote SkyWay technology to the ordinary people taking part in the implementation of the project "Future of Russia" (in Russian). Ex-Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Kudrin announced that his Center for strategic research launches this project, in the framework of which Russians will be able to discuss current problems and find solutions to them together. Kudrin offers to plan the development of Russia until 2035 together with the experts of the Center. You can also join the project!

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