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4 March 2017


Publication about SkyWay in the journal "Architecture and Construction"

The article "The string stretched to the limit" (in Russian) was published in the journal "Architecture and construction". Representatives of the largest Project designing, building, trading and manufacturing enterprises of the building sector of Belarus and abroad read this monthly publication for the professional community. For over half a century, the journal introduces to its readers the hottest news of the industry and it could not ignore the oncoming EcoFest 2017 and SkyWay technology.

In his article the author, Head of information and publishing service of the founder Igor Filipenko, not only describes the features of the technology, its economic and environmental benefits, but also draws interesting parallels with historical events in the field of innovations. Comments by Anatoly Yunitskiy comprehensively describe the technology. The language of figures explains everything to both blockheads and professional skeptics from the industry. The article also contains mentioning of skepticism traditional for innovations. In the author's opinion, the latter should completely disperse at the oncoming presentation of the transport at the test site.

There is no doubt that the next author's article on SkyWay technology will be placed not in the category "Futurum", but will take the first place in "Actualities".

Publication about SkyWay in the journal Architecture and Construction

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