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25 March 2017


"Metro" about SkyWay unibike: "It is really something more than just transport"

The website of the Russian newspaper "Metro" hosted an article on engineering developments by Anatoly Yunitskiy. In particular, the posted publication focuses on SkyWay unibike - a representative of the 4th generation of rolling stock of SkyWay transport systems. Despite the fact that unibike is a vehicle of small capacity, the complex of applied engineering know-how and the possibility of flexible adjustment to the end-user's demands will finally allow it to take its rightful place in the international market of transport services.

SkyWay unibike

"... the new SkyWay transport is presented as a worthy alternative to the bike. The primary scope of unibike's use will be recreational facilities, resting places, parks and gardens. The vehicle is created for local routes: the maximum speed of unibike will be 120-150 km/h. Yunitskiy and Skyway team promise that the specified speed will be achieved regardless of natural and climatic conditions. Unibike runs on electric traction drive. Electric traction drive motors are combined with wheels into a common unit - a motor-wheel, thus excluding transmission gear, reducing the size, weight and cost of the drive", - the author writes.

The newspaper with the green logo "Metro International" began to appear in Russia since 2005. In November 2010, the newspaper "Metro" (syndicate of Metro-Moscow and Metro-Petersburg) became the largest daily newspaper.

You can view the publication here (in Russian).

Metro about SkyWay unibike

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