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29 April 2017


Representative of International union of railways: "SkyWay is a new concept for survival of mankind"

A representative international delegation including the Coordinator of the International union of railways and journalists from the editions "Railways of the World" and "Eurasia News" have recently visited Project Designing Departments, the pilot production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. and the testing/certification Center of Yunitskiy's string transport in the town of Maryina Gorka. The Company's executives have introduced to foreign guests SkyWay designers' achievements, demonstrated tests with the unibike, the completed track structure of 1-km section at the urban passenger route ready for running tests with a 14-passenger unibus, which the delegation members were also able to see with their own eyes.

The Coordinator for standardization from the International union of railways Vitautas Kinderis spoke about the relationship between East and West in the development of the planet's transport in an extensive video interview. "A new concept for the survival of mankind" - that was the brief assessment of SkyWay by the distinguished guest from the international organization. Our video tells about "hostages" and market rules in the life on the planet Earth, as well as about the prospects for SkyWay technology certification.

Translation of the video:

Michael Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we have a very important guest from Paris, our former compatriot, who was born in the former Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. His name is Vitautas Kinderis. Now he is the Coordinator of the Company located in Paris - the International Union of Railways. The Coordinator on standardization and relations between East and West. Am I right, Vitautas? Good afternoon!

Vitautas Kinderis: Good afternoon, Mikhail! Everything is correct. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. A.Yunitskiy for the invitation. It was really very interesting. I found out about this idea several weeks ago, because I represent the International Union of Railways that unites above 250 major railway Companies of the world. We are engaged in developing documents on standardization, on researching railway transport. I think the things I have seen here are very close to this mode of transport. If we use the English term "Rail-string transport", I would say these are related areas. Taking into account the potential of this idea, I think, it offers a new religion, a new concept of life and survival of mankind. If we do not go into technical details, since we came to this world as players and sort of hostages, we should understand there are certain rules here, including the market rules. To be demanded and acknowledged in this market, we all have to obey and respect the rules of entering and cooperating in this market. It is just our organization that provides the required basis and foundation. It is called standardization, the procedures applied later in certification and mutual recognition. That's why I considered and checked the possible grounds for the existence of this breakthrough technology in our civilization. Unfortunately, at present I haven't found any definite standards on the rail-string transport. Naturally, we can use some construction safety norms or whatever. To ensure safety and easier progress in promotion of this idea, this technology by its supporters - potentially I feel its supporter myself - I think we should lay a foundation of certain technical support and technical regulation for it. At the moment, our team is not ready to come out with a formal proposal for the SkyWay Company, for its developers, for the bearers of this idea. However, we are considering the possibility to create a structure or a platform of rail-string transport based on our association or some other international agency. It should gather designs, know-how, norms and standards to be finally developed, included, ensured and maintained. Not only the things I have seen here at the stage of designing, producing and operating, but also the stage of the following support and technical maintenance of these systems. I think the modern world railway transport should be compared with the rail-string transport with the aim to reveal the advantages of the latter to lay the groundwork for the future. Your technology urges to think already today that even after designing, producing and bringing it with its industrial components in the market you will have to operate them and ensure their functioning. This activity has been long before solved in the field of aviation, automobile transport and sea transport. This activity is being in process of solving in railway transport. This activity has not been solved in rail-string transport yet. Therefore, these two related modes of transport are losing competition mainly due to the absence of coordination of these stages. Having such an experience, I'd like to suggest you to think about it. From our part, we shall think what appropriate steps should be taken to bridge that gap. I hope that very soon, after completing a certain additional expert examination, it would be possible to draft particular proposals for SkyWay technology.

M.K.: Thank you very much. I don't doubt that with your help, with the help of your International Union, we will certainly gain victory in this difficult struggle, enter the world market and obtain our niche in it. What is your personal opinion after visiting the production facility, watching tests with unibike in ETP and after seeing the unibus prepared for running tests? The commercial sample is right behind us. To disclose the secret, it will start tests in a couple of days at ETP, because the track structure of 1 km is ready. You have seen it.

V.K.: Yes.

M.K.: So, what are your impressions after seeing it all in operation?

V.K.: In fact, I found out about the technology only a couple of weeks ago. At the invitation of my friends, I accidentally attended the Conference of SkyWay Co. in Paris. I watched it with curiosity. I studied the technology in detail here and was surprised at the stage of its present development. I see what can be improved further. I talked to Anatoly Yunitskiy about the following stages and the rate of their realization. I think the word reflecting my impressions should be very simple - convincingly.

M.K.: Thank you. Being an interpreter by my first University education, I am interested in the issue you have mentioned, i.e. this stage will be followed by preparation of terminology and its translation into 12 languages.

V.K.: I'm gonna explain it. Actually, any standards can be demanded only if people understand them. They should be offered in a clear lexical form. It is not simply a point of notional process. The thing is that when we communicate in ordinary life at friendly level, "like the man in the street", it is one type of translation. When we speak about a very dry technical language, we face the problem of critical understanding of the processes in physics, mechanics, resistance of materials, mathematics, etc. Therefore, our association deals with one of the following areas - development of unified multilingual railway terminology. We have a special automated dictionary. However, going back to the issue of creating such a platform of rail-string transport, naturally, I have to remark that having such an experience, we could share it either to create a separate product, or to unite it, because it will become a valuable instrument of daily communication and work of transport professionals of various nationalities. The diversity of our cultures, especially languages, should not separate us. It should unite us. I noticed that your technology would unite continents, islands and countries. The purpose of our organization is to unite mentalities, possibly, cultures and, possibly, human souls as well.

M.K.: We can consider this day as the start for the creation of such dictionary and terminology. I even suggest two first terms in your Lithuanian mother-tongue - "unibikas" and "unibusas".

V.K.: It is rather a successful liberal translation.

M.K.: I'd like to finish our interview with the hope and confidence that having such an ally in the International Union of Railways, we will certainly win. Thank you, Vitautas, for the nice interview.

V.K.: Thank you very much for the visit. Thank you.

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