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23 June 2017


SkyWay ideas get implemented even more intensively: the Novosibirsk Mayor ready to build a "Smart city"

The Annual International Forum "Technoprom" held in Novosibirsk attracted over 6,000 specialists from two dozen countries. From the very start, on the opening day, all attention was focused on the broad-scale discussion of innovative ideas and projects in relation to the Siberian capital. City mayor Anatoly Lokot set a task before the relevant departments to finalize the "Smart City" programme before the end of this year, as reported by "The Novosibirsk News".

Alexander Lulko, the Head of the Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department of Novosibirsk Mayor's Office, is concerned about the development prospects for the city road network. It is him who reminded all attendees of the forum that transport of the "second level" can help to overcome the traffic jam problem. Specifically, the SkyWay string transport.

The Siberian Research Institute of Aviation named after S.A. Chaplygin favours the use of elevated transport. The string transport project aimed to connect the city with the Academic town enjoys special popularity among the Siberians. The megalopolis does not stay away from ecology trends as Novosibirsk people understand it right - the future belongs to eco-friendly and clean transport. It is planned to completely forbid internal combustion engines in the European Economic Community by the year 2050.

SkyWay is well known in Novosibirsk where it has established a good reputation. The city administration is actively developing the city and takes a keen interest in advanced technologies. The forum "Novosibirsk - a city of endless possibilities" held in 2016 marked the start of a large-scale project of the local authorities intended to create the urban environment. Straight after the event, the specialists of the SkyWay string technologies proceeded with the detailed development of the specific projects for Novosibirsk discussed at the forum, including the Academic town project being one of the most attractive ones.

The work on this project is actively ongoing.

SkyWay ideas get implemented even more intensively: the Novosibirsk Mayor ready to build a Smart city

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