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30 July 2017


SkyWay as a model of modernization in Belarus

There is an increasing talk about the modernization of enterprises and recovery processes in the economy. What specialists will be needed for the activities of SkyWay project designing organization in Belarus? How many more jobs will be possibly created by this successful project designing Company that has already employed more than 300 people?

Of course, the innovative environment needs mostly programmers, power engineers, designers, but there is also a demand not only in "physicists", but also in "lyricists". The enterprise of a wide complex approach, where there is even a microbiologist in staff, is today one of the samples of approach to the industrial modernization in the 13th largest country in Europe, not the largest but well-organized.

A much more important problem is that the classical technical Universities are not keeping pace with the development of innovations in the world and in the countries of our region. However, SkyWay has a solution for this challenge, too. What is it? Watch the latest release of the Chronicles of open mike from EcoFest-2017.

Translation of the video:

Nina Delets: Good afternoon, Anatoly! I am Nina Delets from the city of Gomel. I have the next question. We know that a new industry is developing. SkyWay. Please tell what specialists will be needed primarily to build this sector? Which Universities can prepare them? And since there is a serious problem with employment in Belarus, can students have some priority in employment?

Anatoly Yunitskiy: We have people of many professions. Primarily these are transport professions. Machine building. Now we have about 320 employees in SkyWay Technologies Co. and we are growing every day. More than 250 of them are project designers. They are mechanical engineers, those who are engaged in designing bridges, overpasses, buildings, structures. We have electronics, since we have automated control systems. We need computer programmers. We need power engineers, because we shall have our own transmission lines, power generators. We need designers. Look around, how it is all beautiful. Designers worked here, too. Perhaps, we need even poets. Just like him, with a nice voice. That's why it was not me, who started this session. He did it better. We need such professionals, too. We need them from all spheres. Even from agriculture. We produce here our own soil. Therefore, also professionals in agriculture. Soil fertility is humus produced by microorganisms. And we have even a microbiologist in staff. We need even this. Now let us consider what we have now in the educational system. Three weeks ago we had a delegation. I will not speak about its composition, but there was among them the Principal of Gomel University of railway transport engineers. You know, he said strange things in our guesthouse, "There is nothing here. There are no innovations. Why are you doing it and who gave you the right to do it? Why don't you come to us to get a permission? We know Yunitskiy and that 30 years ago he worked in the Institute of mechanics for metal polymer systems in Gomel. He had nothing at that time. And he doesn't have anything now." How is it possible to prepare the professionals that we need in such Universities? Therefore, we shall have our own educational centers. However, all in its proper time, because we have many specifics that other Universities do not have. They will not be able to teach it. As for the basic knowledge, I studied in Tyumen. I received a very good education. And even at school in the village Kryuki, it was a rural school. Looking at my daughters studying, I recall that in that remote village I have received a better education that is provided in modern schools. Therefore, basic knowledge can be provided by the existing Universities. They didn't teach me SkyWay or SpaceWay. I studied resistance of materials, descriptive geometry, theoretical mechanics, physics, mathematics, chemistry and other sciences. They are of general type, they can be taught in traditional Universities. And our specific knowledge can be taught in our educational centers. Now we are thinking how and where they should be created.

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