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5 August 2017


SkyWay project designing organization has successfully passed tax audit

SkyWay project designing organization has been successfully functioning for about two years on the territory of Belarus. More than 300 highly skilled professionals employed, advanced production facilities and two EcoFestivals held, the last of which attracted about 5,000 visitors from dozens of countries.

We have successfully passed the first tax audit in the modern history of the organization for the period 2015-2017. During the audit not a single violation of the current legislation was revealed and the organization is exempt from passing tax audits for the next five years.

Commenting on the event, representatives of the accounting Department emphasized the special importance of such events for the Company's image and transparency of its activities. The policy on quality developed by the Company has demonstrated its viability and prospects, which can be used as a standard not only in Belarus but also abroad.

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