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12 August 2017


SkyWay: three-year investigation crumbled in Lithuania, EcoTechnoPark is already developing successfully in Belarus

The Regional Prosecutor's office of Vilnius has terminated the pre-trial investigation of the case on the firms created by Anatoly Yunitskiy - engineer, inventor and entrepreneur accused by the Lithuanian press of espionage in favor of Russia. It was the completion of the sensational story that lasted for about three years and received different opinions in the domestic in foreign media during this time. Then Anatoly Yunitskiy successfully moved over to Belarus, where later EcoTechnoPark has been built in the town of Maryina Gorka, and the country received above 300 high-tech jobs.

The General designer of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy comments, - "The Lithuanian legal system has not only demonstrated its incompetence, but also caused serious damage to the business reputation of the SkyWay transport brand and to me, its creator. We will file a counter-suit for compensation of damages and loss of profits. We have successfully completed the relocation of the business to a neighboring country, where the climate for innovations, in contrast to Lithuania and many other European countries, is positive. As the proverb says, - "all in its proper time", and now it's time for everyone to answer for their actions".

SkyWay: three-year investigation crumbled in Lithuania, EcoTechnoPark is already developing successfully in Belarus

The press already writes (in Russian) on the failure of the crumbled investigation. Anatoly Yunitskiy told about this dramatic story with a happy end himself.

Let us remind. In 2014, Anatoly Yunitskiy, - author and General designer of SkyWay transport - founded in Lithuania a few companies that were supposed to create SkyWay transport, in particular, to build a test site for all its types: freight, urban and intercity high-speed ones with speed of up to 500 km/h. With this purpose, we have rented a plot of land in the Free Economic Zone Siauliai, equipped an office in Vilnius and employed staff.

In Anatoly Yunitskiy's idea, the innovative SkyWay string transport, which has no world analogues on the level of efficiency, safety and eco-friendliness, developing in Lithuania, had to raise the economy of that country by 3 times in 10 years. However, after a series of publications in the Lithuanian media, the Prosecutor's office initiated an investigation, the activities of the companies were terminated and all the assets were frozen. The press began to vilify the innovator, to suspect Yunitskiy in illegal financial operations and even in espionage in favor of Russia under the guise of creating a test center of Skyway technologies near a NATO base. SkyWay transport project has been described at the level of the Lithuanian government as a "threat to national security" that has grown up in a short-term hysteria with pronounced anti-Russian overtones.

During the three years of investigation, the authorities of Lithuania failed to collect any data confirming the suspicions of unfair practices by the management of the companies that intended to create a demonstration and certification center of SkyWay transport. With the termination of the investigation, all illegally applied temporary restrictions of the rights to ownership to the funds, securities and other property available on the accounts of these organizations were cancelled.

Due to the inability to continue working in the current situation, Yunitskiy has moved over to his home country, to Belarus, where he is successfully working on the creation and promotion of his transport technologies under the SkyWay brand. For two years, the project designing organization SkyWay Technologies Co. created by him has grown up to 320 professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, design, construction, automated control systems, etc. The Company has its own production facility and is already testing three full-scale SkyWay transport complexes (rolling stock, rail-string overpasses and automated systems of control, safety, energy supply and communications) on the territory of 36 hectares at the demonstration and certification Center EcoTechnoPark.

Currently, SkyWay string transport is a fully-featured and efficient mode of communication systems being at the final stage of certification. The innovation is of interest to the governments of India, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Russia and several other countries. The project is considered as one of the promising directions of innovative development in Belarus.

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