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13 August 2017


SkyWay supports football in Belarus

The Department of education, sports and tourism of Pukhavichy district Executive Committee expressed gratitude to SkyWay Technologies Co. for the support and significant contribution to the development of football in Pukhavichy district. According to its possibilities, SkyWay Project designing enterprise helps the local community of Maryina Gorka including sports; technical (not to be confused with purely material) support is rendered to the football club "Victoria".

SkyWay supports football in Belarus

"Victoria" from Maryina Gorka plays in the second League of the championship of Belarus and shares the fourth-fifth places in the tournament table lagging behind the first one by seven points. Friendly partnership of SkyWay with the football club began recently, but has already set up a good spirit to the team and the town. Dressed in T-shirts with the logo of the new partner - SkyWay - the team has been only winning, without suffering a single defeat since June.

SkyWay supports football in Belarus

Support to the healthy lifestyle is one of the cornerstones in the philosophy of SkyWay transport, which has been designed as environmentally friendly. For several years running, SkyWay has been in partnership with the multiple record holder of the Guinness Book of records, one of the strongest people in the world and an award-winning powerlifter Kirill Shimko. After reading this article, we recommend you to go for a jogtrot.

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