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17 August 2017


SkyWay in Latin American region

Partners of the SkyWay Group of Companies undertook a working visit to Uruguay, during which they made a presentation of SkyWay transport technology to the representatives of local authorities. In particular, there were held business meetings in private with the assistant of the Minister of transport of Uruguay and the Minister of transportation and public works of Uruguay Victor Rossi.

During business meetings, the parties discussed possibilities to develop the infrastructure of Uruguay using SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes. It was of great importance that SkyWay could be used as a powerful consolidating tool in the context of Uruguay's foreign policy. Not so long ago the country's President urged countries in the Latin American region to integration and has officially declared his readiness to provide to the closest neighbors - Bolivia and Paraguay - a transport channel to the ocean. "Paraguay will be able to come up to the Atlantic with its wood, minerals, soya across our country, Bolivia can do the same and it will mean development for the region and jobs for Uruguay," said the political leader of the country Jose Mujica in December 2013. In this regard, SkyWay technology fits to the place and time perfectly.

Willingness to assist in the development of SkyWay transport in Latin American countries was confirmed by the partners from the Arab-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (ASCC), as well as investment groups from Eastern Europe. The next possible step in the development of bilateral relations will be a visit of the leadership of the Transport Ministry of Uruguay to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

It is worth pointing out that currently the interest in Uruguay from large international corporations is determined by the availability of a large number of minerals (raw hydrocarbons, minerals) on its territory, which forms quite a narrow form of cooperation with the primary goal to profit from it. In its turn, SkyWay technology offers turnkey infrastructural solutions that do not affect the national interests of the country, but, on the contrary, contribute to the solution of actual transportation problems and the development of various sectors of the national economy.

We can say that for SkyWay this trip was a kind of discovery of the Latin American world. Meetings with Government representatives from many other countries of the region are already planned for this autumn.

SkyWay in Latin American region

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