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24 August 2017


SkyWay: news from Irkutsk and Kazakhstan

The sun rises in the East. And video presentations of SkyWay transport technology appear one by one on the route East-West. After a video from Khabarovsk, presentation video clips for Irkutsk and Kazakhstan have appeared.

These videos do not contain a detailed concept of the system's integration into the infrastructure of the region from an engineering and architectural viewpoint and only show the general scheme of the transport operation. They are created by local designers and volunteers, who do not have a direct relationship with the project designing organization. In reality, everything will look even more beautiful and more impressive.

TV channel "Khabar 24" about SkyWay

Newsreader: Is it really possible to get from Almaty to Astana via Balkhash Lake within 2 hours? And what other interesting things have Belarusian machine builders presented at the specialized exhibition? All of it is in this release of the program "Transport & Logistics".

One more know-how from Belarusians is a fundamentally new type of transport created on the basis of the so-called string technologies. We cannot say anything about the practicability and efficiency of this mode of transport. However, any idea deserves at least to be announced.

Alexey Murashko, "BelTransNet" Dty Director: There is a possibility to implement a safe, innovative, economically profitable and eco-friendly transport system both in our cities and in regional routes, where we can unite not only cities and countries, but also entire continents with a magnificent transport, in which the speed of intercity rolling stock may reach up to 500 km/h. In the urban and freight versions it is up to 150 km/h. Most notably that this type of transport has a high level of safety. It is the development of the ingenious Belarusian designer, scientist and inventor Anatoly Yunitskiy, who has been working out this technology for about 40 years. Now the time has come when our community is obviously ready to solve such global problems. We understand that today a safe and speedy transport is an economical echelon in every country, because all economical processes are connected with it.

N.R.: Certainly, we cannot speak competently about the efficiency and reality of such transport. However, the transport and its presentation are very impressive. Of course, a vehicle on a steel rope rushing above the ground at the speed of about 500 km/h cannot leave indifferent neither professionals, nor ordinary amateurs of extraordinary transport. Who knows? Maybe we are witnessing the onset of a new level of life.

A.M.: Today people say that school children do not have the most demanded and best-paid professions existing. However, when they grow up and graduate from a school and University, new professions will appear. We are in the trend here, because the jobs applied in our technology are not realized at present yet. Certainly, new educational directions will be opened to teach professionals for this sector.

N.R.: The developers of the new transport have also prepared offers for Kazakhstan. They propose solutions for cities and for the entire Republic. Imagine, "We shall rush in the cabin of a string vehicle along the wide open spaces. Let the picture become a reality." So far, it is at the level of offers, considerations and impressive presentations.

Zhamilya Zhusulbekova, "BelTransNet" representative in Kazakhstan: It is the transport of the "second level". It is distinguished by a high speed, safety, eco-friendliness and pay-back. All these factors determine a large demand. The main feature is the speed and solution to all the traffic jams. It saves much time for people, creates comfort. Now we are doing our best to inform local administrations about the existence of this transport. They were invited to this exhibition. They are already planning a pre-project on the most congested places in Almaty. And in general, we have received from the developer a program on the route Almaty - Astana with travel time of 2 hours 10 minutes. There is a high-speed type of this transport with 500 km/h speed. According to the developer's project, the route Almaty - Astana with travel time of 2 hours 10 minutes is offered across the Balkhash Lake. It will have two stops in Balkhash city and Karaganda. All this data was submitted to the Government today and it is under consideration.

N.R.: It becomes more difficult to differ reality from fiction in the modern world. Some engineering solutions can shock with the width of thought and its bravery. And now it is difficult to imagine that long ago a trip from one border of the endless steppe to another was equal to today's space flight, though it also stops to be something out-of-reach. The program "Transport & Logistics" is leaving the exhibition of Belarusian machine builders in search of new transport and logistics solutions of the "top flight" and grounded, but capable to make our life much easier.

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