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21 October 2017


SkyWay Australia News

Rod Hook reports via linkedin:

This inaugural visit to SkyWay Australia's head office in Adelaide, South Australia was a significant milestone for the company, which has now been in operation since October 2015. The week involved focussing on those bespoke projects being pursued in SkyWay Australia's Market Deployment and Commercialisation Strategy.

These projects have been carefully selected by SkyWay Australia as they are projects that can reach financial close over the next year, are financed by the private sector and can be built and operating within a period of 6 months. The bespoke projects SkyWay Australia is pursuing are both freight and passenger orientated, and are models that can be duplicated easily to apply to address similar transport needs across Australia.

Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy's presence in Australia was a critical step for SkyWay Australia's commercialisation strategy as it provided him with an opportunity to view each project area with local project constituents and become familiar with the character, surrounding land uses, features and challenges relating to each project. He will now take this information and work with his designers in Belarus to further refine design concepts for each project.

These bespoke projects are commercially sensitive and limited information can be released until project and financing agreements have been reached. The visit to Australia also provided an opportunity to show case Australia's steel manufacturing capability - a critical service requirement when building SkyWay systems in Australia. As a result of last week's visit an agreement to work with a preferred supplier is now being developed.

Another important outcome achieved during Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy and Victor Baburin's visit was a commitment from SkyWay Australia to work with a local government authority to pursue a SkyWay solution as part of Smart Cities Plan.

Smart Cities is an Australian Federal Government initiative aimed at driving smart investment, smart policy and smart technology to create cities that succeed in the 21st Century economy. SkyWay technology is a perfect fit for this national government program and SkyWay Australia will focus on developing a proposal for this opportunity in the coming months. More information about this opportunity will be released when available.

In other news SkyWay Australia continues negotiations and develops proposals for procurement processes with government authorities and industry stakeholders for major projects, such as new mass transit systems connecting residential areas with City Business Districts, and the use of long distance high-speed rail connecting people to places and products to port.

SkyWay Australia now has over 100 registrations of interest from companies, authorities and stakeholders who are willing to consider a SkyWay solution to address their needs. The positive news and results of tests of SkyWay prototypes at the demonstration site in Belarus continues to generate interest in Australia.

SkyWay Australia News

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