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8 November 2017


SkyWay EcoTechnoPark: ecological component

Interview with Deputy General Director for agro- and biotechnologies at SkyWay Technologies Co. Vasily Pavlovskiy, in which he talks about the work done by his Department. Creation of humus from Belarusian peat and coal, greening of roofs, elevated seed patches and much more that should ensure the possibility of comprehensive reclamation and development of territories while laying SkyWay transport routes on them.

There are always a sound fertile soil, ecologically clean food products and clean air at SkyWay locations.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Our today's talk partner is Deputy General Director for bio- agro-technologies, Master of Agriculture, former Deputy Minister of agriculture and food products of Belarus Vasily Pavlovskiy. Am I right? Hallo, Vasily!

Vasily Pavlovskiy: It's all correct. Hallo!

M.K.: Vasily, what is the connection between high-tech and agriculture?

V.P.: I've been working here since April, 2015. At that time I received several tasks. One of them was the creation of biohumus, then production of humus and greening of roofs. This year we have grown about 200 kg of oyster mushrooms. We planted 3 hectares of garden in 2015 and this year we had the first harvest of apples, about 700 kg. Very good apples. One more thing: both in the elevated seed patches and in the garden we do not apply a single gram of mineral fertilizers and plant protection agents. We use only ecologically-clean products to protect plants on seed patches against phytophtora, cercosporosis and other plant diseases and pests. We also protect the garden with biologically active substances. What is the purpose of these elevated seed patches? The lower layer in them starts to rot through eventually, warmth is created and in spring these patches get warmed up 1.5-2 weeks earlier and better than ground. We can start to plant seeds in them earlier. This year we have received 1.1 ton of vegetables from them. After harvesting one crop, we planted another. We had four crops on these elevated patches. After harvesting tomatoes and cucumbers, we planted radish, then lettuce after it and, finally, daikon. Thus we demonstrate that in the area of SkyWay tracks there are no such emissions like after automobile and railway transport. Along the railroads and motor highways we have a hazardous carcinogen. And we have no emissions here. We want to show that it is so not only along SkyWay routes, but also under them, near supports of SkyWay routes. The track is located at the height of 3 to 6 meters and higher depending on the terrain. Under it people can graze cattle, breed bees, plant gardens, grow vegetables and any agricultural crop. It is an eco-clean transport and eco-clean products can be cultivated near it.

M.K.: What is the difficulty in the production of potting soil for a green roof?

V.P.: The soil must have light weight, moisture retaining capacity and nutritional value. We have developed three types of soil for roof greening. We have received technical specifications from the Belarusian Institute of Standartization. It is the know-how of SkyWay technologies. Another direction is the development of soil for poor and low-fertile lands using them for amelioration and increase of fertility. And the third direction is the development of biohumus. Our organic fertilizers are used as an addition of organic raw material. The other 80% is brown coal.

M.K.: Thanks a lot. I'd like to understand what does acquisition of all these technical specifications and our own developments of this soil benefit for all the partners?

V.P.: Our General Designer has come back from a trip to India and Indonesia. And most probably very soon we shall sign agreements for the construction of SkyWay routes in these regions where there are areas with degraded and low-fertile soil. Alongside with the transport technologies, we shall offer our technologies on amelioration of green territories.

M.K.: In other words, it is an additional possibility for a commercial implementation of our project. Am I right?

V.P.: That's right.

M.K.: Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned to the news update at our official website. Support our project and then you will understand that our slogan is not just idle words.


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