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22 November 2017


The film "Ticket to the future"

The documentary film "Ticket to the future" was shown on the television channel OTR (Public Television of Russia), in which the general designer Anatoly Yunitskiy demonstrated the work of SkyWay innovative transport systems.

Alongside with the innovative solutions of our time, the film spotlights the history of transport and its natural entry into the era, when it is time to get rid of "modern" motorway and rail transport in favor of safe and environmentally friendly modes of transport. Sixty five percent of accidents on Russian roads happen due to the human factor. However, these tragedies can be avoided if logistics becomes "unmanned".

We offer to your attention a 5-minute excerpt from the film dedicated to SkyWay (in Russian):

© 1977—2017 Anatoly Yunitskiy. All Rights Reserved.