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25 November 2017


Environmental management system at SkyWay: certificate of conformity is received

The Belarusian National Institute of metrology has issued to SkyWay Technologies Co. a certificate on compliance of the Company's environmental management system to the requirements of the new national standard. The audit, which was conducted by representatives of the certifying Agency, did not detect a single drawback in the activities of the Company as a result of verification.

SkyWay project designing organization is one of the first companies in the Republic of Belarus that has received this certificate. This document reflects not only the environmental potential of SkyWay technology, but also allows the Company to reduce the amount of the environmental tax.

There are more details in comments from the leading engineer on standardization and certification of SkyWay Technologies Co. Alina Selivanova.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. You already know our today's interlocutor. She is Alina Selivanova, leading ecologist of SkyWay Technologies Co. Hallo, Alina!

Alina Selivanova: Hallo!

M.K.: Today we have a very important and pleasant reason for the meeting.

A.S.: Right you are. Today we have a next pleasant event. We have successfully passed certification of the environmental management system in the National confirmation system. We worked with the Belarusian National Institute of metrology. Due to the efforts of our whole highly-qualified staff, not a single drawback was detected as a result of the audit. They have issued a certificate on the conformity of our environmental management system with the new version of standard ISO 14001:2017 with the validity period of three years. I'd like to point out that our Company is one of the first to receive that certificate in the Republic of Belarus. Certainly, we had certificates on ISO 1400 by previous versions. However, in the new version we are among leaders in our Republic.

M.K.: Thank you. There is a great deal of your work and your merit in it. Please clarify one thing. Many of our partners are possibly somehow confused about what you are telling now and roof greening. We are now on the roof not accidentally. Later it will become clear why. Please explain if it is really so or these are different things.

A.S.: These are different things. Roof greening can be called cultural and technical activities, like beautification, modification and improvement. These are different things. Roof greening can be called cultural and technical activities, like beautification, modification and improvement. The management system includes control over all the aspects. In general, ecological certification is one of the most important elements in our national policy of the Republic of Belarus. It is based on the Law of the Republic of Belarus on environmental protection. This is the legislative basis that includes all the aspects related to environmental protection. And roof greening can be considered a small piece of the environmental management system.

M.K.: It means, on receiving this certificate we confirmed that we are fulfilling all the requirements of legislation without polluting the environment. And our roof greening is sort of a continuation of these requirements and we even move beyond them. I have no doubts about it. Now you see usual roofs around us. Flat or sloping. Qualitative more or less. However, if the requirements of legislation and construction standards will allow, I am sure that here, like in EcoTechnoPark, (we are on the roof of our new SkyWay office) we shall have plants and blossoming trees, shrubs and flowers. Now I'm again going to ask a question from our partners. What about all the expenses, which were required to receive that certificate? Will they pay back? Was there sense in them?

A.S.: The received certificate provides for our Company the right for three years to apply the coefficient 0.9 while paying the ecological tax, which will naturally reduce our expenses. The certificate also gives the right to use the conformity sign. We can mark with it documents, our products and promotional materials also during three years, within the period of certificate's validity. At the moment, we have already two certificates. They are from the national and international systems of certification. It gives us a great confidence that all the requirements stipulated by the Law on environmental protection are observed.

M.K.: Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned to the news update at our official website. Support our project. And you will learn to deal with you budget so that not a single penny is lost in vain.


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