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30 November 2017


SkyWay cargo track: acceptance of elements for U-turn circles

Acceptance of metal structures, which are elements of U-turn circles at cargo UST transport system, took place on the territory of Minsk plant of technological metal structures - one of the companies-contractors of SkyWay project designing organization. Their subsequent installation in EcoTechnoPark will be the final stage before commissioning the cargo SkyWay complex in operation with a built straight-line segment.

The video is commented by Mikhail Kostyukov, Deputy General Director for quality, SkyWay Technologies Co.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Our today's interlocutor is Mikhail Kostyukov, Dty General Director for quality, SkyWay Technologies Co. Good day, Mikhail!

Mikhail Kostyukov: Good day!

M.K.: Please tell our viewers, where we are now and what is happening here today. I think it will be interesting to everyone, because people did not have news from the production facility and construction site for a long time.

M.Kostyukov: Hallo to everybody! We are at the Minsk plant of metal structures OJSC "PromTechMontazh" for the acceptance of one important structure. You can see it right here. These are metal trusses for our U-turn section at the cargo track structure. Now we are proceeding with the construction of U-turn sections that are actually two loops. You see, these elements have a certain radius shaped as spatial metal trusses. Now we are checking the conformity or non-conformity to the documents for these elements to deliver them for assembly at the cargo section of the track structure in EcoTechnoPark. We are trying to react timely to the acceptance of the finished products that are at the moment an element of the track structure. We come timely to the factories that execute the orders placed for various elements of the track structure.

M.K.: As I know, on installing these elements at EcoTechnoPark, we shall have loading/unloading terminals on them.

M.Kostyukov: Exactly. At first, we do the assembly of the track structure. We have already built the straight-line track. We only have to add to it two U-turn circles. For this purpose, we are proceeding with the acceptance of these elements.

M.K.: I saw that today you have accepted about 20 of such trusses. What about the quality of the contractor's work?

M.Kostyukov: In general, the supplier performs the products adequately. They react properly to our comments on quality and detected non-conformity. Together with designers and quality experts, we take joint decisions on acceptance of some non-conformity or send it to re-doing, to further perfection. In this case, we had problems with the quality of welded seams. Now this problem has been settled. They have re-worked this place. Then they will peel it and cover with lacquer paint.

M.K.: This product was also used to check the conformity of one of the key elements in SkyWay technology - smoothness of the track - to design documentation. As the radius of the U-turn circle is extremely important, its exactness was checked with control points using a geodesic recorder. Will this element be installed as it stands now or topsy-turvy?

M.Kostyukov: It will be installed just as it stands. These are the upper belt and the lower belt made of two profiled tubes.

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