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14 December 2017


SkyWay production facility with Alexander Sinkevich

We continue our series of video reports from the production facilities of SkyWay Technologies Co., where the Company's professionals create UST rolling stock.

Today the Head of the special design-technological Bureau with pilot production facilities Alexander Sinkevich introduces viewers to a laser cutting machine. He explains in detail about the work at the high-tech equipment and specifics of manufacturing processes.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Now again the machine known to our spectators - laser cutting machine. What are the results? What does it do? How is it used? Well, all the same questions.

Alexander Sinkevich: Right. It is a laser machine for cutting sheet metal. It allows us to cut out blank pieces of various types of materials: steel, aluminum, if necessary, glass fiber plastic and other types of plastics. It is also a highly-efficient robot. The technological process here is as follows. It is a part of the process to produce composite body parts of metal sheets. For instance, various mounting brackets, etc. At first, a technical engineer using the drawings from a designer prepares a pattern of composite layout for a flat surface. Then they write a program for cutting. They cut out everything at once. Configuration, radiuses, holes of any type including square ones. As a result we get a flat pattern of metal sheet. Then, a sheet-bending machine with computerized numerical control (CNC) is used for accuracy of bending angle or bending profile, etc. It has various rigging. Here it makes the final perfection of a composite article, i.e. attributing the required shape to it. More often these are parts that are prepared for further welding and other complicated works. I will show the type of parts from the laser and from the bending machine to you later on.

M.K.: Certainly. I see the guys are now working at this machine. Can we watch it?

A.S.: Of course. They are loading some metal. Most probably, they will cut out some blank pieces.

M.K.: I must say we did not make any special preparations for this visit, we did not let them know about it. We just arrived, something is working and something is just started. We do not have any stage effects. OK, let's continue to explore the production.

A.S.: Here is a window with protection to watch the laser beam without any damage to the eyesight. They are going to launch some program and we shall see what will happen there.

M.K.: Can our cameraman film it?

A.S.: Of course. The operator is finally positioning the sheet, then he will have to find the initial point in space and start the program.

M.K.: I'd like to add: "Let's drink to our possibility to always find the initial point in space, in particular after the oncoming holidays."

A.S.: Let's proceed. Let's go to the machine used to mill the rigging.

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