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30 December 2017


The first start-up complex at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is commissioned

The testing and demonstration center of SkyWay technology in the town of Maryina Gorka has successfully passed the procedure of accept for operation.

The decision No. 4255 dated December 22, 2017 reads:

"1. To accept for operation the structures willfully constructed by SkyWay Technologies Co. at the facility "Construction of a production facility for creating EcoTechnoPark of communication systems and development of business tourism near the asphalt-concrete base of the communal unitary enterprise "Minskobldorstroi" on designing, maintenance and construction of roads:

  • exhibition sample of string communication systems No. 1;
  • exhibition sample of string communication systems No. 2;
  • exhibition sample of string communication systems No. 3;
  • auxiliary building for maintenance workers of the facility construction;
  • on-site engineering networks (water supply, sewerage, electricity).

2. To allow the SkyWay Technologies Co. to register the right of ownership upon the willfully constructed permanent structures in Maryina Gorka Bureau of the Republican unitary enterprise "Minsk regional Agency on state registration and land registry".

The first start-up complex at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is commissioned


The collocation "willfully constructed" in the wording of the decision is of a purely legal nature and does not mean "without anyone's knowledge and permission of the authorities." The use of the collocation is due to the fact that the construction of a number of EcoTechnoPark facilities started before obtaining some documents relevant to difficulty category of these facilities by our project designing organization. However, all legal requirements in obtaining rights to land use, fencing and beautification of the territory of the future EcoTechnoPark were observed. The current decision on acceptance into operation was also obtained in strict accordance with the letter of the law and the observance of all required procedures.

A number of circumstances conditioned the start of building some EcoTechnoPark objects prior to the registration of relevant documents. Noteworthy among them are:

  • the need to begin construction with maximum efficiency to protect the interests of investors;
  • forced savings of funds at the start of the project to create EcoTechnoPark;
  • the innovative nature of the project involving the need to introduce changes and clarifications in the project documentation in real time.

Judging by the results achieved today, it is possible to say that the tactics selected in the existed situation was correct. EcoTechnoPark is commissioned into operation.

What "to accept for operation" means

The acceptance of a construction facility for operation is performed based on the decision by a special Commission including representatives of the customer and the contractor, developer of the project designing documentation, local Executive and administrative authority, as well as the State fire inspectorate. The expert authority of the Commission ensures that the facility corresponds to the project designing documentation, safety requirements and operational reliability.

The decision of Pukhavichy district Executive Committee certifies that all the three types of communication systems (rigid, semi-rigid and flexible test string-rail tracks, more exactly - infrastructure systems) are completed in the configuration, in which they were submitted to the State authorities in the project and passed expert examination. However, it should be noted that the test format of these routes suggests the possibility of further revision and improvement during operation.

The decision of the Executive authority does not apply to a number of facilities that are documented as a separate sub-category - the 2nd launch complex. Such facilities include U-turn circles and loading/unloading terminals at the cargo line with their presently continuing construction, as well as a number of other promising developments. Their commissioning is scheduled separately.

EcoTechnoPark operation involves testing, improvement and step-by-step certification of SkyWay technology and demonstration of the products to customers of transport systems from different countries.

What EcoTechnoPark means

Today EcoTechnoPark is an innovation center and showroom of SkyWay technology having no analogues in the world. For the expiring 2017 only, it was visited by delegations of business and governments from more than 50 countries. This facility has attracted millions of dollars of foreign investment into the Belarusian economy, provided jobs including over 420 hi-tech ones and development of a unique engineering school.

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