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24 February 2018


The SkyWay banner is at the highest mountain of Africa

The SkyWay project never ceases to serve as a source of inspiration for people who are strong, courageous and creative. We have repeatedly reported about the records of the famous athlete Kirill Shimko, on the achievements at competitions of the highest level by the master of sports in rowing Alexander Baltynsky, on masterpieces of the musical project Spade and on hoisting the SkyWay flag at the top of Mount Elbrus by our courageous investor Guzel Magasumova.

This time Guzel has taken a new height! We bring to your attention a video interview with Guzel illustrated with photos and videos with stunning views of Kilimanjaro from her personal archive.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. You already know our guest Guzel Magasumova very well, a SkyWay partner from Chelyabinsk, from the city where harsh people live. However, she is not the type. She is sort of a champion, a cliff-hanger and alpinist, who continues the ideas of glorious people inspired by SkyWay for various achievements. Let us recall the champions in rowing and weight-lifting. Hallo, Guzel!

Guzel Magasumova: Hallo, Mikhail!

M.K.: How did the journey up pass?

G.M.: Early in February my group and I flew over to the nice country of Tanzania, where the highest point of the African continent is situated. Sometimes it is even called "The roof of Africa". It is the Mount Kilimanjaro. I had a desire, or rather inspiration to raise a flag of SkyWay project at the top of this continent, too. The flag that I had with me on the Mount Elbrus also travelled to Kilimanjaro. If I decide to start a new journey, it will also visit the remaining tops of other continents.

M.K.: Anyway, have you left anything there?

G.M.: Yes, I have. A small flag that was driven into the ground. I wrote on it the words of gratitude to each partner, who supported the SkyWay project. It is now standing at the height of 5,895 meters above the black continent.

M.K.: If anyone would like to follow your example, please, explain to us, how difficult it is. What did you do to make a journey in SkyWay's glory or just as a pleasant tourist trip?

G.M.: On the route of ascent to Kilimanjaro volcano, you begin to pass all the various climates existing on Earth. You start in the jungles, in the tropics and you finish in the Arctic zone with the eternal ice. It becomes so hard physically that dark instincts switch on - you have to survive! We had some fellows in the group, who often wanted to sit down, to complain to a guide and ask how much was left to climb. In addition, there appeared an important idea for me - the capability to take on a responsibility for my actions. There is no God sitting at the top of Kilimanjaro and fulfilling your desires. There is no enlightenment there.

M.K.: You surprised me.

G.M.: A mountain displays your fundamental nature better than any mirror. As a result of stress and all those situations, a person unveils and notices very much in himself. When you have passed above 5,500 meters and only 300 is left to go, they are the most difficult. When I was doing each next small step leading to the top, I recalled the prayer from Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "Teach me the art of small steps." If you go on doing small steps towards your goal or mountain top, you will eventually reach it. I got acquainted with the group and they told me one story. Their friends, a newly-married couple decided to celebrate their honeymoon in the extreme way spending it on the Mount Elbrus.

M.K.: They returned and divorced.

G.M.: You're absolutely right. Yes, mountains can do it. They show man's nature perfectly. Therefore, it is very important to know, who goes together with you in this journey. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

M.K.: Sign up to our youtube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And our common flag will always be at the unattainable altitude.


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