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8 March 2018


ISO 9001: interview with representatives of certifying agency

SkyWay project designing organization has successfully passed certification for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, as well as the national standard of the Republic of Belarus - STB ISO 9001-2015 becoming one of the first companies in the Republic of Belarus possessing this certificate.

The significance of the certificates obtained by our project designing Company, the history of ISO 9000 standards, as well as the personal experience of auditors, who evaluated the performance of the Company were the subjects of discussion in an interview with the Director of the Belarusian representative office of the Certification Agency "TÜV Thüringen" Marina Kondral and Nikolay Kusakin, senior auditor of the Corporation "TÜV Thüringen".

Translation of the video:

Yevgeny Petrov: For our audience to understand, please explain the meaning of ISO standard certificates and the history of their introduction.

Nikolay Kusakin: In fact, the International Agency on standardization has adopted the first version of standards back in 1987. Since then, the companies practicing management in accordance with international standards ISO 9000 are acknowledged worldwide.

Marina Kondral: In its essence, certification is the demonstration of your Company's commitment to the output of safe products with high quality. By issuing this certificate, "TÜV Thüringen" undertakes an obligation and guarantees that all the processes in you Company function perfectly. Responsibilities, power and authority are distributed among the staff. There is personnel capable to execute their work with good quality. An efficient supervision system is implemented and arranged perfectly in your Company. Actually, in its essence this certificate is a certain guarantee to your consumer and a demonstration of the fact that your Company is committed to the output of qualitative and safe products. In this particular case, we also faced sort of a challenge, because your Company is rather ambitious and you have applied for certification in two systems simultaneously. In the national system of the Republic of Belarus to confirm the conformity with the Belarusian legislation and requirements acting in our country. And, at the same time, for certification in the international compliance system of "TÜV International Certification". In addition, the sphere of activities declared by your Company is quite extensive and requires examination of various processes associated both with construction, development and designing of transport as well as other processes to construct infrastructure. The thing is that the certification procedure requires a stringent observance of industry-specific expertise. We had to gather a team that would be able to confirm technologically the capability of your Company to proceed with these processes at a proper level. Moreover, after the evaluation by our experts from "TÜV Thüringen" authorized in Germany, assessment of the reporting documentation and analysis of the documents was done directly in Germany. The decision was made by the German Certification Agency. And you know how pedantic they are in such issues.

Y.P.: Most probably, you have faced this SkyWay technology for the first time. What are your personal impressions?

N.K.: While riding in the unibus at the test site, I felt some sort of satisfaction that there is such an idea in our country, which will be implemented in the future. It is great!

M.K.: When we examined your transport, our colleagues from Germany were greatly surprised by the fact that these developments are really functioning. They imagined it as something planned and unavailable for demonstration.

Y.P.: You have touched upon an interesting issue. Is there any difference in perceiving the story about our technology in Belarus and in Germany? East - West.

M.K.: Certainly. It is somehow difficult for our people to imagine that we can invent something fundamentally sophisticated here in Belarus. However, the colleagues from Germany have grasped the idea quickly enough. When they understood the basic principles, it was much easier to explain details to them than it occurs with our people here.

Y.P.: What's next? OK, we have received the certificate. Are there any further procedures or actions?

N.K.: Actually, on receiving the certificate, you stood up on the Olympic pedestal. You became Olympic champions. However, you will have to work hard to stay on that Olympus.

M.K.: I'd like to add that the standard is aimed at satisfying the requirements of interested parties. In your case, there are many of them and the challenge you are facing is quite complicated. I sincerely hope that the brand of SkyWay Company will become a synonym of high quality and safety in transport sector in the near future.

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