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29 March 2018


Anatoly Yunitskiy's ideas are conquering the world

It is always difficult for any innovation to make its way in this world. Of course, in the apt words from Ilf and Petrov, "A steel horse is coming to replace a peasant horse", but many perceive it at least as a Trojan horse. Its evidence is the anonymous quote about the pioneers of aviation recently posted in the Internet, "The Wright brothers are swindlers and charlatans, their useless toys cost a lot of money that they are fraudulently siphoning off from gullible investors and even from the government and are groundlessly hyped beyond measure, as if they are semi-divine idols for their short-sighted supporters! The technologies of maritime navigation have been fine-tuned during centuries, why should the wheel be reinvented, because their miserable handcraft are barely able to get off the ground and fly a few meters?"

Nevertheless, after 40 years of ordeals and struggle for existence that have passed since the appearance of Anatoly Yunitskiy's idea of creating the General Planetary Vehicle (1973) and SkyWay transport (1977), his innovative developments are gradually gaining well-deserved recognition, because their time has come - humanity begins to realize that there is simply no other way out of the current situation on Earth!

Last summer, the publishing house "Belarusian science" of the Belarusian National Academy of S˝iences published the second edition of Anatoly Yunitskiy's monograph "String transport systems: on Earth and in space". It describes the theory, development status, prospects and the main results of researching high-speed ground transport, the movement of which is carried out on a string track structure, and a non-rocket space vehicle in the form of a circular string system covering the planet in a plane parallel to the equator.

In winter 2017, an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with the Russian University of transport (MIIT) was signed in Moscow, and it was done right in the cabin of the unicar displayed at the federal level at the exhibition "Transport of Russia" that was held in those days. This fact emphasized the breakup of the trend, about which SkyWay's creator Anatoly Yunitskiy told his colleagues after the signing, which is quite logical for the innovative transport that is breaking up stereotypes. As you know, both sides have long "felt each other out" and waited for this moment. The General designer has also conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the critics of the project, who have long loved to focus on problematic issues between MIIT and SkyWay.

The subject of the agreement was to improve the efficiency and quality in the use of innovative materials and technologies as regards the design, development and introduction of Yunitskiy's SkyWay transport into the transport infrastructure. The agreement is longstanding, aimed at extensive scientific and technical cooperation, analytical and socio-cultural activities. After its conclusion, SkyWay General designer has delivered a lecture to the students of the leading transport University of Russia, because cooperation will be especially interesting for graduates and young professionals who have graduated from MIIT, as their career horizons will expand in the near future.

In addition, it seems that this applies not only to MIIT graduates: a graduate from tour operators' faculty of the University of Catania, SkyWay investor Rossella Tamara Alnajjar was the first in Italy to write a diploma thesis (in Italian) describing SkyWay transport. Here's what she says about this event:

"It was one of my best days yesterday, I graduated from the University and at the same time received a great satisfaction from the project, in which I believed from the very beginning! The choice of SkyWay theme for my thesis has played its big role, now the real work has begun. When I started to deal with this project, many people thought I was crazy, people were skeptical: "Why should you write about something so futuristic?". However, gentlemen, we are constantly talking about progress, and when we have the opportunity to change the situation, we can do a lot. ... I hope that one fine day each of you will be able to free your mind and get out of this comfort zone providing you a sense of safety. Plunge yourselves into something new, take a risk, spill all your sweat for what you believe in! Then we will see where SkyWay will lead me, there are many projects, and I really want to involve new people who will decide to join the game. Thank you very much for your kind wishes, to all of you, to many of you!"

Anatoly Yunitskiy's ideas are conquering the world

On behalf of all our partners, we congratulate Rossella with her successful completion of her studies and wish her to carry the banner of her beliefs with her head held high in life!

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