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16 April 2018


Newspaper "Zvyazda" tells about SkyWay transport

The newspaper "Zvyazda" ("The Star") wrote about Anatoly Yunitskiy and his ideas for the first time in 1980s. It reported to the readers on the General Planetary Vehicle and the conference on non-rocket space exploration held in Gomel.

Today "Zvyazda" readers will get to know about SkyWay transport from interviews with employees of SkyWay Technologies Co. - Chief of Information and Media Dpt. Yevgeny Petrov, Head of Targeted Projects Dpt. Kiryl Badulin and chief designer of the city transport complex Vadim Savchenko.

Newspaper Zvyazda tells about SkyWay transport



Head of Targeted Projects Dpt. Kiryl Badulin spoke in the interview to "Zvyazda" about the most important subject for the Belarusian edition - prospects of SkyWay transport development in Belarus. He noted that the administration of Mogilev region have already attended EcoTechnoPark and examined the technology. The reaction was positive.

"I personally went to Mogilev several times, participated in public hearings on the subject matter of the project. A special organization with the rights of a legal entity has been created there for its implementation. We have agreed with the local authorities that it would start after certification. Certification has passed, we have received the necessary documents, so we expect the next step from Mogilev residents" says Kiryl Badulin.

He also pointed out that the work to promote Skyway transport in Belarus goes on also in other directions: "We have submitted to the government a package of our proposals on the construction of a SkyWay transport circle around Minsk and a high-speed route between Brest, Minsk and Moscow. We are waiting for an answer and expect it to be positive."

You can see the full version of the article (in Belarusian).

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