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12 May 2018


Viewpoint from EcoTechnoPark: aerial gondola in Los Angeles

A project with the claim for originality was presented in America. Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies proposed a project of "airborne gondolas" for LA's Dodger Stadium. The project was submitted for consideration to the municipal Office of Extraordinary Innovation. The traffic problem for the stadium of the most popular sports in the United States is becoming more urgent every year and the attempt to elevate transport to the second level above the ground looks quite reasonable. You can read the news in full at the popular website Wired.


Kiryl Badulin, Head of the targeted projects Department at Skyway Technologies Co., developer of Skyway transport, comments on the viability of this idea: "Assessing the project of this route, the sky-high cost of the project immediately catches the eye. Judge for yourself - a track of a couple of kilometers is worth 125 million dollars. Such solutions are normally called "golden".

For Skyway transport, a competent choice of the vehicle would be the main challenge to service the declared passenger traffic of 5,000 people per hour. In this case, the ideal option would be to use the unibus or a coupling of two 14-passenger unibuses. Our main advantage is speed rate (at a considerably less cost - USD 30-40 million for this project). While the project in question offers about 20 km/h speed, we have it 1.5-2 times more. Urban Skyway transport runs at speeds up to 150 km/h, but the maximum speed is unattainable at such a short distance.

In addition, we will have a self-propelled vehicle, while cableway pods are attached to the rope and driven with a power-drive station. In case of failure, our vehicles can push forward a disabled one, which is impossible on the "cable".

The Company-developer of Skyway transport has no plans to implement SkyWay in North America at the moment. However, the trends to transfer transport to the "second level" are obvious all over the world, because spare areas on land are becoming ever less.

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