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8 June 2018


String transport on the Italian TV channel "Canale 74"

Most recently an environmental conference was held in Modica, Sicily (Italy), highlighted by a special report of "Canale 74" entitled "Ecology: not only theory. The future is around the corner". It was attended by experts, managers and engineers. Among other things, they explained to the students of the institute, bearing the name of the great ancient Greek scientist Archimedes, who lived in Sicily, what must be done to ensure a better future for both the region and the mankind. The key concepts of the event were environmental education and sustainable mobility - enabling people to move, communicate and establish relationships freely without losing human and environmental aspects, today and in the future.

How to switch from theory to practice? What is the significance of this research and practice conference? What prospects it opens? Engineer Claudio Ricchi, an eco-tech expert, has the answers. He emphasized the development of Italy in general and the region in particular due to the increase in financial revenues from tourism through the introduction of green high-speed transport. He highly appreciated SkyWay technology, putting it above all existing modes of transport in his country. He also noted the importance of both the need for high-speed transportation between major tourist centers, and safe, sustainable movement of tourists within these cities.

String transport on the Italian TV channel Canale 74

The conference coordinator, Engineer Angelo Lucenti, proponent of the Unitsky String Transport (which is obvious even from the name of his company "Chilometro Zero Energy"), noted the significant harmful ecological effect of the existing automotive transport and disclosed the importance of using electrical energy in this sector. As an immediate interim solution, he considered, in particular, reducing the number of vehicles in major tourist cities through a car sharing program and shifting the diesel trains driving guests to local attractions towards electric motors.

Salvatore Curcio, who calls himself a "peasant engineer", talked about the need to make ecotourism fully consistent with its name, also by introducing environmentally friendly transport of the future.

Engineer Carlo Cappello, co-founder of "Chilometro Zero Energy", spoke about the purpose of its creation, noting the need to find a special solution to existing problems. He considers that this solution is a radical change in the transport sector. First of all, its shift to electric traction. He understands that this is a matter of the future, but warns about the need to take urgent measures to make it closer.

The Italians have already realized that the ancient proverb "Tutte le strade portano a Roma" today sounds like "All roads lead to Maryina Gorka"!

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