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5 July 2018


SkyWay technology for Silk Road Countries

From 2 to 3 July 2018 the city of Astana hosted the forum "Global Silk Road" for mayors of cities from Silk Road countries. The event was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan and the birthday of its President - Nursultan Nazarbayev. The participants of the Global Silk Road were mayors, governors of Silk Road countries, leading experts, business leaders, TNCs, representatives of the world media, development institutions and public organizations.

SkyWay technology for Silk Road Countries

The program of the forum included more than 20 events of various formats including a plenary session, a round table of mayors from Silk Road countries, a blockchain conference and others.

The main theme of the event was smart technologies and intelligent systems that can give an additional impetus to the qualitative growth of modern megacities. In addition, practical measures of cooperation, integration, export in Silk Road countries, as well as modern ways of attracting investments were discussed within the framework of the event.

SkyWay technology for Silk Road Countries

Svetlana Voloshina, Deputy Head of Targeted Projects Department, SkyWay Technologies Co., took part in the plenary session of the forum called "Blockchain for smart, sustainable and low-carbon cities". In her report she spoke about modern instruments for transferring and storing information used in SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes. In particular, it was about the possibilities of using a blockchain-platform that allows not only to ensure a reliable and secure channel for data transfer between SkyWay vehicles, but also to provide the ultimate consumer with the most transparent information about the quality of transport services.

SkyWay technology for Silk Road Countries

In addition, blockchain mechanisms can contribute to the optimization of urban space taking into account the analysis of weather data, information on mass events, traffic jams, the number of visitors in medical, administrative, financial institutions and shopping centers.

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