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9 August 2018


Presentation of SkyWay developments for cargo transportation market

The operation of a unique cargo transport complex SkyWay was presented in the territory of SkyWay test and demonstration center. The transport complex is an overpass structure consisting of three sections:

  • rectilinear trestle with a length of 150 m and a height of up to 3 m from the ground surface to the upper belt of the span truss structure, which is a pre-stressed spatial continuous metal truss up to 2.0 m high with two anchor supports at the ends and intermediate supports in the spans. The span length between supports is 50 m;
  • two circular non-stressed sections with a total length of 285 m. The span structure is a metal truss up to 2 m high on metal supports, the span between supports is 15 m. Metal platforms with sheds for loading and unloading/reloading terminals are installed at the circular sections.

A loading terminal is a metal shed with a storage bunker for loading onto the conveyor belt. The unloading terminal is a metal shed with a tilting device for unloading bulk materials from the conveyor belt into a moving vehicle - a cargo unicar.

The maximum mass, speed and chassis bogie of the cargo unicar are completely unified with passenger transport, as it is made on the basis of suspended urban passenger unibuses. The bodies of the cargo unicar are offered in different versions: for piece cargo placed on euro pallets, for bulk and liquid cargo.

A conveyor belt is located on the overpass.

Translation of the video:

In 2016, SkyWay Company began construction of a cargo route at EcoTechnoPark. This was the result of developing solutions for the cargo transportation market, which has lasted since 2001.

SkyWay cargo complexes can be used to transport all types of cargo, from ore and oil to household waste and hazardous chemicals. Due to high quality of materials, the cargo complex infrastructure can be built on almost any type of terrain and operated year-round under a variety of climatic conditions. The rolling stock of the cargo complex is equipped with energy efficient power units allowing to reduce operating costs for trafficking goods and to provide power supply through the use of renewable energy sources.

Skyway Company offers several types of cargo transport for solution of different tasks.

Unicont is a special SkyWay cargo module designed to transport sea containers. The main area of unicont application is transport and logistics hubs and port infrastructure facilities.

Loading and unloading of containers in the Unicont system can be carried out both at specialized SkyWay terminals and in traditional ways: by means of a cantilever-gantry crane or a port reach truck. Unicont's design allows haulage of containers of any type (20-40 feet) without additional transshipment. A Unicont route allows using additional types of SkyWay cargo transport.

Unitruck is a SkyWay cargo vehicle for transporting bulk, liquid, dangerous, perishable and piece cargo. Its modular design provides the possibility of its application in virtually all areas of freight traffic. The intelligent unitruck control system manages traffic along the route with a minimum safety interval allowing to achieve high performance of the complex.

Loading and unloading of unitruck can be done in an automated mode. As a result of design engineering developments, we have built an operating route for cargo transportation at EcoTechoPark, on which unitruck is successfully passing performance trials. If necessary, unitruck can be combined with passenger lines or unitrans conveyer, which expands greatly the scope of its application.

Unitrans is a covered belt conveyor on wheel pairs. This is the optimal solution for mining sites and to service loading and unloading terminals and seaports.

Loading on the unitrans conveyor belt is carried out from a special terminal, and unloading - due to the inclination of the belt in the vertical plane.

SkyWay cargo complexes are notable for high efficiency, low material intensity and prime cost of haulage, high speed of cargo transportation, minimal impact on the environment and preservation of natural landscapes.

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