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29 August 2018


Presentation of SkyWorld program

A new publication "From SkyWay to SkyWorld: sky world is better than paradise" appeared in the website of SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy. The author and developer of SkyWay presents in it a program for the development of SkyWay transport systems — SkyWorld.

SkyWorld program is a combination of ready-made solutions by Anatoly Yunitskiy's engineering school, including a number of unique developments in the field of high-speed cargo and passenger transportation, agro- and biotechnologies, as well as the exploration of near-the-earth space.

Successful implementation of a set of projects from the program SkyWorld will allow to prevent a global environmental disaster, which will inevitably occur, if the current growth rates of the industrial sector of the world economy continue. In addition to preserving the environmental situation, implementation of SkyWorld program is capable to open up new opportunities for humanity in the field of high technologies, transport, economy, industry and space sector.

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