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22 September 2018


Interview with Head of the rolling stock department Andrei Zaitsev

Nobody knows the high-speed SkyWay unibus so much as the Head of the rolling stock department Andrei Zaitsev. Mikhail Kirichenko learned from him details on the new SkyWay pod, first introduced to the general public at the international exhibition InnoTrans-2018.

You can find out from our report what options will be available to passengers of high-speed unibus, what its multimedia system can do and how many suitcases fit into its luggage compartment.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we report on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. I hope you have already understood that we continue to introduce to you our exposition at the exhibition InnoTrans-2018 in Berlin. According to your multiple requests, we shall highlight today the brightest and greatest premiere of this exhibition — our high-speed unibus U4-362. Here at the stand we see the Head of rolling stock department under SkyWay Technologies Co. Andrei Zaitsev. I think he will not refuse to talk. Hallo, Andrei!

Andrei Zaitsev: Good day!

M.K.: Many people ask what we have brought here. Please explain. There are lots of question. I am sure you know about them. Please give your answer to all of them.

A.Z.: Alongside with the display of unicar that is a well-known and certified product, the main premiere of this year is the vehicle, at which we are staying now. The high-speed unibus, U4-362 model, one of the models in the line-up of high-speed unibuses. What is 362? 3 means that the vehicle belongs to the fleet of high-speed unibuses and 62 is its model number. We also have a certain classification. The model presented here this year has a capacity for 6 people. The passenger cabin is designed for 6 people.

M.K.: Sort of 3 compartments for 2 passengers each.

A.Z.: You can say compartments, although the cabin is a single space. It just has 3 entrances, 3 separate doors.

M.K.: Let's see it. I assume U4 means the 4th generation of Unitsky String Transport.

A.Z.: You're right. The 4th generation of UST. The handle is made with a mechanical drive now, but later it will be added with an electric drive. The doors will open and close automatically. I hope there is no need to describe the cabin in detail. It's much better to see it inside. It is made in bright colors. They are pleasant for the eye, not irritating.

M.K.: Please explain about the monitors. What can be done using them?

A.Z.: Naturally, we have brought to the exhibition the most comfortable design of the cabin. All the seats have all possible adjustments in the pillow length, pillow height, inclination angle of pillow and seat back.

M.K.: But there are no buttons here. I guess everything is done on the monitor.

A.Z.: That's right. Let us take seats in it.

M.K.: Of course.

A.Z.: We'll check the functions in practice.

M.K.: I hear pleasant music. We can arrange a discotheque here.

A.Z.: We have a choice of 3 languages: German, English and Russian. Let's start with English. Now we are seeing the route of travel, along which we are virtually riding.

M.K.: From Minsk to Moscow.

A.Z.: Yes, we are riding from Minsk to Moscow. You can observe what's happening outside, where we are traveling at this moment. Since we have only side windows, this picture allows a person not to break away from reality. There is also a telecommunication with the traffic operator and a set of adjustments. This is lighting intensity, individual for each seat. It can be switched off if you want to have rest. Now the adjustment of seats. Triple-mode heating. You can switch it on to get warmer.

M.K.: No, it is quite hot in Berlin.

A.Z.: Then we have ventilation of seats.

M.K.: What about a massage?

A.Z.: Massage is available, too.

M.K.: I only wanted to joke.

A.Z.: Jokes are inappropriate here. We are working seriously.

M.K.: I don't doubt it.

A.Z.: And the adjustment of various parts of the seat. The width of the back, its inclination angle, air pumping separately for upper and lower parts.

M.K.: I also saw waist support.

A.Z.: Yes, waist support. So, everything is done like in the best modern limousines. We also have a multimedia offering to choose music. A socket for individual earphones is available. Or we can offer a passenger to watch video to enjoy the trip. Although it is a high-speed transport, the ride from Minsk to Moscow will take only about 1.5 hours, we offer this function for people not to feel bored. We can also take a brief look at the info on the vehicle we are traveling by. Its features and other useful info.

M.K.: I think it is somehow similar to a modern iPhone. We do not use and know 90% of its functions.

A.Z.: We know all the functions and the consumer should learn them.

M.K.: I said it like a consumer.

A.Z.: I can repeat that we have offered possibly not the top design of the vehicle, but it is quite luxury. If the practice shows that some functions are in excess, they can be limited or, on the contrary, added.

M.K.: I am really very impressed. Honestly. The pod is new and it all sounds to me as a revelation. I am just thrilled. Thank you very much.

A.Z.: The monitors can be adjusted, too. If a person in front of you would like to sleep pushing back the seat, you can adjust the monitor position convenient for you to watch it.

M.K.: I can see a convenient pocket here.

A.Z.: A pocket for small things.

M.K.: Clear, a pocket for small things. What about a suitcase? Anything for it?

A.Z.: We have a luggage compartment in the pod. It is in the front part of the body. It looks like this. It has enough space for average luggage of 6 people.

M.K.: I think everything will be fit here. Anyway, the trunk in a car for 5 people is less.

A.Z.: Certainly, less. Maybe, twice less. Or a couple of fare dodges may get in here. However, the transport complex control system detects fare dodgers.

M.K.: You can believe it. Zaitsev said it himself.

A.Z.: What else do we see in the exterior? An excellent shape both visually and technologically. It is, so to say, completely "licked clean".

M.K.: I will not oppose. I confirm it.

A.Z.: The vehicle shape impacts the aerodynamic resistance in two parameters: cross-section area and aerodynamic drag factor. While building a shape, our designers are not only creating something nice and looking pleasant, but also think how it will work. At the same time, they are checking what resistance will appear.

M.K.: The smoothness of the surface is also very important. Obviously, the quality of painting, absence of roughness that we see improve aerodynamics, too.

A.Z.: The paint is glossy to reduce aerodynamic drag to minimum for the surface shape.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Andrey. Your info is comprehensive. I hope all the people who asked me those multiple questions will be satisfied. Maybe, you'd like to add something else that came to your mind now?

A.Z.: Well, they might ask what kind of hatch is this in front of the luggage trunk?

M.K.: What kind of hatch is this in front of the luggage trunk?

A.Z.: This is an aerodynamic brake that operates at high speeds, i.e. while braking at top speed down to 150 km/h speed.

M.K.: They open like sort of ears from both sides.

A.Z.: You may say, like sort of fish fins.

M.K.: I imagined Topple's ears first. Thank you very much. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And we will possibly invite you some day to take a ride with us in this beauty.


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