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1 October 2018


Visitors to InnoTrans-2018 about SkyWay: "This is a real gift not only for us, but for all mankind"

SkyWay transport attracted attention of a large number of guests at the International exhibition InnoTrans-2018. Representatives of the transport sector, entrepreneurs and just people interested in high technologies from 30 countries of the world have visited the display stand of SkyWay Technologies Co. and saw the novelty of SkyWay project — a high-speed unibus U4-362 with their own eyes.

Visitors to InnoTrans-2018 about SkyWay: This is a real gift not only for us, but for all mankind

We have already written in our statistical report on the results of the survey on what impressions the visitors of our stand have got on the features of the new module, its convenience and comfort. However, the figures are not capable of reflecting the emotions experienced by the visitors of the exhibition, therefore we suggest that you watch short interviews, in which Mikhail Kirichenko talked with the guests of our stand about what they think about SkyWay transport and how they see its future.

"This is a real gift not only for us, but for all mankind. To change the world, improve it and create a new transport infrastructure."

"When I saw this vehicle, I got admired. The pod looks so pleasant and interesting! This is an item that is worth travelling here for a long time".

"The project impresses greatly. As it was said, the project and the Company are very serious. I came here for the first time to see and experience it directly, so to say, first hand. I wanted to get sure that the project is very promising".

"I hope this vehicle will be implemented some time. The best option for us is to do it as soon as possible".

"It has no analogues in the world at all. I am just thrilled".

Some of the visitors to SkyWay stand not only shared their impressions, but also expressed their interest in cooperation:

"We came here from Brazil. We want to introduce the technology of this company in Brazil. We have many interested people with great potential. We have already taken the first steps in this direction. Now we are ready to receive Mr. Yunitskiy and SkyWay in Brazil. We already have a large staff. Everything is ready for a good start. We have investors and lawyers to legalize this Company in Brazil. There is everything you need to implement SkyWay project in the iron ore deposits of Brazil."

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