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19 October 2018


About aerodynamics of high-speed unibus

SkyWay high-speed unibus was displayed to the public only about a month ago. Its outstanding characteristics — especially aerodynamics ones — are the result of long and fruitful work of SkyWay Technologies Co. employees, who managed to find the optimal solution for high-speed transport of such a type. For a long time, their work was classified as top-secret, because such developments cannot but interest competitors.

Now, after showing the presentation and obtaining all the necessary patents, we can tell some more information about this extremely unusual module. About why high-speed unibus was hidden from the public for such a long time, and what difficulties the company overcame during the testing process — see in an interview with General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Glossary on the technical terminology used in interview:

  • Wind tunnel — a tool designed to simulate the effects of air moving past solid objects. It consists of one or a series of fans creating the airflow entering the tunnel, where the test object is located, thus simulating the effect of high speed moving of the object in the air.
  • Midsection, maximum cross-section (from Dutch middel, literally — middle) — the largest cross-sectional area of the object moving in water or air. In simpler terms, this is the largest vehicle width. The larger it is, the greater the resistance that an object has to overcome in moving.
  • Aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cx) — a quantity that reflects the ratio of the drag force to the product of the velocity pressure and the cross-sectional area. The lower the value of this coefficient, the better the vehicle aerodynamics.

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