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27 October 2018


Reinvestment of SkyWay shares in tokens and share buyback: SkyWay project introduces new financial instruments

The construction of EcoTechnoPark, comprehensive tests of transport systems created in it and certification of a number of rolling stock samples have confirmed the efficiency of the technology and the effectiveness of its engineering solutions.

The agreements reached at the current stage show a high demand for the technology. And taking into account its ecological and social potential, it will grow steadily in the coming decades, providing favorable conditions for exponential exploration of the transport services market.

SkyWay Group of Companies made a breakthrough in the transport industry and got the opportunity to move over to a new phase of development that requires a different approach to financing, just as the innovative technology itself. In order to create a global system for the production of "green" energy and an environmentally friendly transport/infrastructure complex TransNet, the Group of Companies has taken a decision to issue tokens.

SkyWay tokens will be introduced into free circulation simultaneously with the start of operation of SkyWay's own blockchain platform. It is intended to become the basis for the system of data collection, management and accounting within the global energy and transport network being created. Comprehensive development of the TransNet network will provide capitalization of tokens, and their owners will be able to receive revenue from ongoing projects using SkyWay string transport.

As a sign of appreciation, at the first stage of introducing tokens into circulation, SkyWay offers an exclusive opportunity to purchase them at a maximum discount for its first investors, thanks to whom the technology could be brought to the present stage of development.

The benefit that investors will get by reinvesting shares in tokens is the ability to profit not just from co-owning the technology, but from the projects implemented using SkyWay technology, and, consequently, by increasing the profitability of the initial investment without additional investments. In addition, after the introduction of tokens into free circulation, they can be profitably sold at the free market, which is also the capitalization of investments in shares.

The opportunity to sell shares for money is provided to the very first 5,000 investors who have joined the SkyWay project starting from 2013. The Group of Companies expresses gratitude to these people who supported the technology at the very beginning of its development, when there was neither EcoTechnoPark, nor design offices, nor production facilities, nor transport complexes. At that time, they were provided with a discount reaching up to 1:3500. Now they can obtain the revenue from their investments that increases the capital invested in the technology by up to 35 times.

The promotion conditions are published on the website of the SkyWay group of companies.

Reinvestment of SkyWay shares in tokens and share buyback: SkyWay project introduces new financial instruments

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