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21 November 2018


SkyWay project passes over to Stage 13

SkyWay Group of Companies announces successful completion of the 12th stage of development and transition to the 13th stage. The transition to the new stage of development will take place on December 12, 2018 and will bring about a decrease in the current discount.

SkyWay project passes over to Stage 13



The transition to the new stage became possible due to a number of achievements of the Group of Companies since the previous shift in April this year. Cooperation with representatives of UAE business community and authorities has reached a new level. It has become the key focus of the Group of Companies. New partnership relations have been established with other countries and regions.

New models of rolling stock were released and successfully tested — unicar and double-rail unibus, a number of innovative developments in the field of safety systems, power supply, automated control systems, tooling and construction equipment were designed and produced. The premiere display of SkyWay transport flagship — the high-speed unibus — took place at the trade fair InnoTrans-2018.

The Company has begun creating its own financial platform based on blockchain technologies, announced the release of tokens — an instrument for economic integration of targeted projects. The revenues from the pre-project activities received by the Group of Companies allowed arranging the buyback of a part of investment shares from the first investors — this is how the project expressed its gratitude to the people who supported it at the very beginning of development.

The plans for the 13th stage are the expansion of the project abroad and the further development of transportation, energy and informational technologies.

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