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28 November 2018


Delegation from Peru visited SkyWay project designing organization

In July 2018, SkyWay Technologies Co. hosted a delegation of representatives of the Nueva Lima project from Peru headed by Claudio Alejandro Zolla Suarez, an influential businessman, pastor, TV broadcaster and politician who recently launched an electoral campaign for the presidency of his country.

The goal of the Nueva Lima project is to create near the Peruvian capital an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced city that meets the most modern requirements and consists of different zones divided by purpose of use: residential, industrial, commercial and recreative. The basic principles of its design coincide largely with the capabilities of SkyWay technology: it is supposed to create an urban environment that does not harm nature while ensuring a high quality of life for citizens. SkyWay transport in this case makes it possible to create transport arteries both in Nueva Lima itself and outside the city. The point is in the crucial role of the innovative SkyWay transport system that can even determine the project's development strategy as a linear city.

In the summer of this year, the negotiations of the delegation from Peru with Anatoly Yunitskiy, General Designer of SkyWay Technologies Co., resulted with an agreement that the next stage of cooperation would be the arrival of technical experts in Minsk with the purpose to confirm (or to denounce) Claudio Zolla's opinion on the project's technical feasibility.

This event happened just last week confirming the serious intentions of South American partners — the leaders of Nueva Lima project arrived in Belarus: General Manager Jorge Chávez Sánchez and operational and process manager Jorge Babarczy Barrera.

Delegation from Peru visited SkyWay project designing organization

During the two days of stay in our Republic the guests personally tested SkyWay rolling stock in EcoTechnoPark, held fruitful negotiations in Minsk office of SkyWay Technologies Co., attended a detailed presentation of the technology including its advantages under Peru conditions, explored the possibility of using SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes both in the city and beyond to provide communication with other settlements in the country.

Delegation from Peru visited SkyWay project designing organization

Negotiators also received comprehensive answers from the Ñompany's technical professionals to all their questions. In particular, these also included the problems of corrosion resistance of transport systems located along the coastline, as well as their ability to withstand natural impacts, such as earthquakes.

Delegation from Peru visited SkyWay project designing organization

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