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13 December 2018


Interview by SkyWay General Designer after the award ceremony of International Peace Prize from Slovakia

On December 11, 2018, a ceremony of awarding Anatoly Yunitskiy with the International Peace Prize from Slovakia was held in the country's capital Bratislava. The award was established by the founder of the informal association "Economic Club" Peter Kasalovsky in 2015.

The prize is awarded to outstanding scientific and public persons who have made a significant contribution to the development of human civilization, improvement of human living conditions, as well as ensuring security throughout the world.

Here we offer the speech of SkyWay General designer in full:

Ladies and gentlemen!

It is a great honor for me to be awarded with the "Slovak Peace Prize". I want to thank the Award Committee for the high appreciation of my work in the field of creating innovative transport and infrastructure technologies. In this regard, I consider the international format of the Prize to be especially important, which corresponds to the scale of the tasks, to which my whole life has been devoted — over 40 years.

Preservation of the world requires efforts from all countries, organizations and associations to ensure the sustainable development of our earthly technocratic civilization. And the most significant problem here is the negative impact of industries on the living environment — on the planet's biosphere. Search of a compromise and joint actions aimed at reducing pollution of water, soil and atmosphere with industrial waste, as well as rethinking of our approach to the use of natural resources is today's necessity.

We must think boldly and apply solutions that seemed impossible yesterday. If, in order to save the planet, we need to create an alternative to a car, this should be done now, and not postponed until tomorrow. After all, cars, including electric cars, kill about 1.5 million people on the planet annually, more than 10 million become disabled and crippled, and the soil in an area equal to 20 territories of Slovakia have already been "rolled down" under asphalt in their favor.

If, in order to ensure a sustainable future, industry should be taken out into the near-Earth orbit, developments in this direction should also be started as soon as possible.

Reformation of the planet's transport and infrastructure sector, including the geocosmic one, should be the basis for qualitative changes, and my innovative developments can provide the necessary foundation for them.

In recent years, SkyWay string transport project, the most eco-friendly and safest way of mobility ever created, has made a big leap in development and has approached very close to implementation. The transport complexes, based on my design developments, have already arisen interest from the authorities of many countries around the world. This suggests that issues of sustainable development and ecology not only do not lose their significance, but also become more and more relevant.

Support of such projects as SkyWay string transport by the Slovak Peace Prize committee is a local action that will help to change the global situation. Thank you so much for this!

After the award ceremony, Anatoly Yunitskiy shared his impressions in an interview to news service:

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